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BADERs is available in pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Also online pan European on Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.it, Amazon.fr and Amazon.es. and as well in China on JD.com, JD.hk, Tmall.com and Tmall.hk.

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Chewing gum specialties
Today, chewing gum is not only a chewing gum any more. By its ideal qualities, it is the best vehicle for agents such as xylitol, green tea, melaleuca, guarana etc. By chewing, these agents are directly passed to the mucous membrane in the mouth and thus can act in an ideal manner. Be it for the oral hygiene, for the protection of your teeth or just to refresh your body and mind.

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Tea specialties
The human body needs a lot of liquid in order to stay healthy. Therefore, you should provide your body on a regular basis. Best suited are water and tea. The tea specialties by BADERs have a good and natural taste and provide for well-being. Support your body with the digestion, practise an active care of your figure from the inside or give it an energy supply.

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chewing gum specialties

tea specialties
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